More and more drivers appreciate the LPG installation in their cars. Of course, the most important reasons are very attractive economic factors. The costs of setting up a professional gas installation return very quick, even if the driver decides for a more expensive solution. The use of a gas mixture for the drive is not only economic savings, but also keeping the quiet engine operation, adequate dynamics and limited emission of harmful exhaust gases.

Selection of the best autogas system

The selection of individual components in automotive LPG installations is crucial for its correct operation. The selection of the appropriate installation is influenced not only by the car’s model and engine construction, but also by the car’s technical parameters. Nowadays, the selection of a gas installation is very often dependent on the electronic gasoline control system used for the selected engine. The best and easiest way, however, is to use the autogas system configurator, which will present a suitable solution based on the vehicle data.

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The best LPG system for 4th generation cars

One of the most popular LPG autogas systems in the world at the moment are those of 4th  generation. Main parts in this type of system include: ECU (Electronic Control Unit), reducer, injector, volatile phase filter, a gas tank and a gas inlet. ECU is the most important component of every autogas system and majority of them are equipped with the OBD, which enables quick diagnosis.  During selection of a gas system, it should be also remembered that the gas reducer must handle more than the power of the car. Therefore for cars with 100HP it is recommended to select reducer that can handle little more power that that, such as DIGITRONIC TOMASETTO AT09 ALASKA. The situation is similar in the case of gas injector, which should support power greater than the power of the car in which the LPG system is planned to be installed.

What else should be taken into account?

When selecting a gas tank, it is very important to select appropriate size and type depending on driver need’s and vehicle construction. Depending on the capabilities of the car, the gas tank can be mounted in the spare wheel chamber or in the trunk in form of cylinder tank. As far as the gas inlet is concerned, depending on the car model, it can be mounted not only in the fuel filler flap but also in the bumper.

Professional advice

Drivers who do not feel strong enough to choose the best LPG system for their car should take advantage of professional advice as soon as possible. Many new technological novelties appear on the automotive market, so choosing the best gas installation is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It should also be remembered that choosing a gas installation is only half of the way to success, because it is also a very important issue for its professional assembly. This is why every driver should also look for authorised garages that provide conversion and service of autogas systems

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